Blogging vs YouTube Channel. What Should You Start?

Blog vs YouTube what to start in 2020
Blog vs YouTube  in 2020
Today we're gonna be talking all about how to decide whether to Start a Blog or a YouTube Channel in 2020.

 I am also gonna be breaking down some of the Pros and Cons of each of them.

Pros and Cons of blog pros and cons of starting a YouTube channel

Suggest some questions that you might want to consider asking yourself before
you jump into one or the other.

To help you figure out which one might be the best fit for you?
So to start out.

Now you'll probably notice that both a Blog and a YouTube Channel has a lot of pros in common.

There are positive benefits of  Blogging and YouTube both of them that they both share but then they also, each has some unique pros that the other one doesn't have.

Benefits of  Starting a Blog in 2020 

benefits  of blogging to start in 2020
  1. Share your Idea with the World
  2. Easy and Fun
  3. Monetization
  4. Advertise & Sell your Own Products
  5. Your Personal Property
  6. Love Writing

1- Share your Idea with the World

Okay so the First Pro Starting a Blog Website  is that it allows you to share your ideas with the world.
Definitely, this is a pro that both a blog and a YouTube channel has.
They both are outlets for your creative ideas whether you choose to use them to teach people things or you just are creating some sort of entertaining resource for people.

To consume either way it allows you to share your creative ideas with the world.

2- Easy & Fun

The second Pro of starting a blog is that it is pretty inflexible fun and easy.

I know that most Bloggers would probably tell you that writing a blog isn't that easy but on the relative scale of things that you can do yes it is hard work.

But it's not Terribly complicated so something that pretty much anyone can do.
It is a very flexible way to share your ideas with the world and potentially make some

And it also can be really fun because most of the time people start a
a blog around a topic that they're really interested in.

3-  Monetization

Next Pro of a blog is that you can monetize it with ads so you can potentially make some
money by putting advertisements on your website.

For Monetizing your Blog there is a lot of option out there.
You can choose any of them.

Most of the new Bloggers and even Top Blogger's first Priority is always Google Adsense.
The reason behind choosing Google AdSense is that Google is a well-known Company and there is no scam.

4- Advertise & Sell Your Own Product

 Another Pro you can use your blog to Advertise and Sell your Products orServices.

So if you have a widget you want to sell or if you want to take a course or if you offer some
kind of service.

Like if you are a Sofware Developer or a Video Editor or a Personal Assistant.
Whatever you do, whatever value you want to give to the world you could choose to use your blog to actually advertise that service and get customers.

5- Your Own Property

The another  pro of starting a Blog Site is that it's something that you completely own.

Well you are to some degree normally relying on some third-party services who
might be hosting your content okay.  

So your content may kind of be living somewhere else you do technically own. 

Your content is yours and for the most part you are completely in control of it and that's something that's a little bit different than a YouTube channel.

I'll get into that a little a bit later when I'm talking about the pros and cons of the YouTube channel.

6- Love Writing

The final pro of the blog is the most obvious one and that is a great choice if you love to write because you can share your creative ideas with the world through writing.

If writing is your Hobby than you should give a try in Blogging.

I saw many Pro-Bloggers, who started Blogging just as fun or because the writing was their hobby.
But later on, they turn it into a major earning source. 

Cons of  Blogging

Cons of blogging in 2020
Because there are definitely a few of them the first one is almost in contradiction.

Here is a shortlist of Cons of Blogging in 2020
  1.  Low Earning  Ads
  2. Generating Traffic
  3. Relation with Readers 
  4. Time Consuming

1- Low Earning Ads

No-1 pro that I mentioned and that's about the ads, well you can display  ads on your Website and you can earn money from them.

The ads on blogs pay very poorly, in fact, you need to have hundreds of thousands of page views per month in order to make any sort of significant amount of money and even that significant amount of money.
There is another side of a coin.  Ads CPC varies from Country to Country.
Countries like the USA, the UK has a  very good CPC Rate.

And if we compare these to underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, India, etc.
They are giving you a much low CPC.

Pro Tip - You have to target the USA, UK audience in your Blog. Like most people do. 

Honestly, probably won't be more then a couple thousand dollars at most, however, that's not to say that you can't make a lot of money with a blog.

There are many opportunities to work with sponsors or to sell your own products on the site that can allow you to turn it into a profitable hobby or even your full-time job.

2- Generating Traffic

The Second Cons in our list of starting a blog is that you really have to do all the work to
generate your own traffic.

People might happen to find you on Google and that certainly happens sometimes but not nearly as much as it used to happen about 10 or 15 years ago and even that organic traffic are often earned through your hard work. 

The next kind of running a blog is that it is extremely competitive.

There are millions of blogs on the internet these days and so it can be really hard to get your website to stand out to get people to even hear about it and if they hear about it to get them to visit and to get them to come back for more okay.

3- Relation with Readers

The another  cons are that it doesn't necessarily create a very personal connection with the
visitors to the site.

So someone might happen to find you on Google they come across your site maybe they want to see travel or a tech post that you put together or your review of some sort of gadget.

They read the posts they get the information they need and then they're out of there.

They might never even think about the fact that a real person wrote that article that you might have. 

Other articles that they might be interested in reading that they might be interested in your life you know you look so much more to share with them but it can be tough to get them to understand and realize that when they just come and read one of your posts more often than not they just leave after they read that post and they never return again.

4- Time Consuming

The final comment of running a blog is that it can be very time consuming.

Well at first you might think that it would not take very much time to run a blog because you might think okay so this article is you know a thousand words long or so I could probably write
that in hours.

The reality is as someone who has blogged pretty consistently for the last five years or so that when you're first starting out you have to invest a whole lot more time than that.

Simply in learning how to do all the different things related to running a blog.

When I  started my blog I was spending about 20 hours a week on my blog.
About five hours of that every single week was going into writing the posts. 

Because sure, it only takes about an hour to actually write the post but then it takes several more hours to edit. 

The post to find or create images to go along with the post to put that blog post on your blog format.

There's a lot of steps involved and that's not even including then promoting the post when you're first starting out learning how to do all of those different steps and learning the different software's that you need to actually build the site to hook up your email list.

All those different things are very time-consuming but even once you get out of that initial learning phase, the work does not stop. 

Because at that point your eyes are opened to all of the potential opportunities out there, that you could.

Collaborate with other bloggers new software that you could learn ways that you could promote your blog. 
Even more, ways you could make your blog post even better and you start to feel like you need to do all of these things.

If you really want your blog to be successful and since you already have to put a few hours in a week in just to make the posts really awesome. 
You feel like you should invest more time into it to make that initial work pay off.

Long story Short Running a blog is very time-consuming now if you just want a little place on the internet to the Chronicle some of your adventures or to share some kind of diary entries.

Then you certainly could do, that in just a couple hours a week no problem.

But if you're planning on turning this into a serious hobby into monetizing it or in turning it into a full-time job. 

 Then I just want to let you know that honestly, you should plan
for it to take at least 15 to 20 hours every week.

So now that we've covered some of the Pros and Cons of Starting a Blog.

Pros and Cons of Starting a YouTube Channel in 2020

pros and cons of youtube channel in 2020

Benefits of Starting a YouTube Channel in 2020

  1. Fun & Easy
  2. Location
  3. Attract More Audience 
  4. Build Trust and Connection
  5. High Paying Ads 
  6. Sell own Products
 Let's talk about the Pros and the Cons of Starting a YouTube Channel.

YouTube channel has a lot of pros and cons that are similar to the Pros and Cons of Starting a Blog.

1-Fun & Easy

But also some that are different just like starting a blog running a YouTube channel can be really flexible fun and pretty easy.

Again it does take the time it does take some hard work but it's not terribly

You can't, of course, get more into the film making and videography side of YouTube and in
that case that definitely gets a lot more complex.

I would say stops being so easy but for most people running a YouTube channel is pretty flexible fun and easy and it can be a flexible fun and easy way to make a living.

2- Location

Second Pro of running a YouTube channel is what I'd like to frame a Location.

If you have a good location it is a huge asset to your business and it makes it much more likely that your business will be successful.

Just imagine if you have a hamburger chain and it's on some quiet the back road as opposed to if you had a hamburger chain and it was located on a busy street corner.
Which one is probably gonna do better it will be a lot easier for the one in a good location to do better because of it gets so much traffic and the same thing happens with a YouTube channel.

There's a lot of traffic here on YouTube people browsing around just looking for something to watch and YouTube is constantly suggesting YouTube channels to people
who they think might be interested in.

So a definite Pro of a YouTube channel is that you're in a place that already gets huge organic traffic.

And so you can potentially get a lot of easy visibility you don't have to constantly be working for your traffic.

 next Pro of running a YouTube channel.

3- Attract an Audience

You can attract visitors through your blog also. But according to surveys Video Content attract more visitors than Text.

People are trying to build up their platform and attract an audience whether you're running a podcast, a website or a Facebook page or an Instagram page. 
Whatever it is, you're trying to get visible and build your audience. 

You're trying to have people find out about you and decide to follow you and learn more about what you have to offer and a pro of building a YouTube channel.

It can be one of the quick  ways to create  your audience because not only do you get that traffic  but people will also feel much more connected to you when they see your face
and hear your voice.

4- Build Trust and Connection

Next Pro of starting the YouTube channel that is  it can be a great way to build connection and trust with your audience.

Whether or not you already have a blog or you're already trying to build audience on Instagram or any other platform.

There is no denying then people see your face and hear your voice they feel much more strongly connected to you.

 They cannot deny the fact that you are a real person who has your own unique personality and unique ideas that you bring to the table.
And they want to find out more about you and more about what you have to offer.

5- High Paying Ads

The fifth Pro of starting a YouTube channel is actually in direct opposition to one of the cons of a blog.

One of the cons I mentioned of a website is that the ads compensate pretty bad but the ads on YouTube actually pay pretty well.

Now most YouTube channels earn about five to ten dollars per thousand views that they get on their YouTube channel.

So if you have a video that gets a hundred thousand views you probably made around five hundred

I know that at first, you might think well that doesn't sound like that much and I probably won't be
getting a hundred thousand views on my videos especially when I first starting
out and that is totally true.

However as you build up videos on your channel you're gonna build up this whole library of content. 
And people are gonna keep watching your old videos.

6- Sell own Products

Final pro of a  youtube channel is one that a blog has also and that's just that you can also, use your YouTube channel to sell your products or your services so again if you have a widget that you want to sell or you've created a course.

 Or you provide some sort of service yourself whether that means you're a bookkeeper or a graphic designer or any other sort of service provider.
You can use your channel to show off your expertise and get clients.

Cons of Running a YouTube Channel in 2020

Cons of Starting a YouTube Channel in 2020

here's definitely a few Conf of running a YouTube Channel in 2020.
  1. Time Consuming
  2. Competition
  3. Not Your Own Property 

1- Time Consuming

The first cons of creating YouTube videos can definitely be time-consuming.
 I'd say that on average people spend anywhere from about one hour up to about ten hours to make
a single YouTube video.
When I was consistently writing blog posts I would normally block out most of a day to get that blog.

The post was written and post it on my site normally around five to six hours.

 However, I can make a youtube video and around two hours however the fact still are that creating videos is still time-consuming.

 And I would still consider the cons of running a YouTube channel.

2- Competition

Second con of running a YouTube channel is that YouTube is very competitive.

 It is not as competitive as the blogging world, there are millions of blogs and I believe that there are about a tenth the number of YouTube channels as there are a number of blogs.

 However, both of these things are rather difficult to count and I've seen different numbers for both. 

The number of blogs and the number of YouTube channels.

 So I can't say for sure but most of the time the numbers that I've seen for blogs have been about
ten times as many blogs as a number of YouTube channels.

All that to say blogging seems to be more competitive by YouTube.

YouTube  is still very competitive and you still have to work on doing a good job on YouTube.

Making good quality videos making them a super interesting that's probably the most important part.
And also sharing valuable content whether that's a helpful how-to content or simply really entertaining content 

Long story short YouTube is competitive and that is a cons of functioning a YouTube channel.

3-Not Your Own Property

Final and the biggest one especially in contrast to a blog is that you don't completely own it.
 YouTube can't just go out and use your videos for some other purposes no one else is supposed to be
able to take your videos and go out and use them for some other purpose but you are putting them on someone else's platform.

So YouTube is completely in control of your videos on their platform.

Now hopefully you are keeping master copies of your videos that you'll be able to use for other purposes.

You can take the same videos that you put on YouTube and you can go and post them on Facebook for example and there's no problem with that.

But whatever videos you put on YouTube you don't have control of that and you certainly don't have control of your whole channel or of the subscribers that you attract on YouTube and what that means is there is always that potential that something could happen to your
YouTube channel.

 YouTube could delete it whether that be on purpose or completely on accident.

That's the list of pros and cons of  Blogging and YouTube 

I'm now gonna do a little bit of kind of comparison and the contrast between the two platforms and then.
I'm going to share with you a few questions that you might want to ask yourself to help make this decision.

Comparison Between Blogging & Youtube Channel 

blogging and youtube comparision

Blogging Versus YouTube

They're both amazing platforms where you share your creativity and impact people's lives and start to build up your audience.

They also are fairly time-consuming and fairly competitive they also both allow you to create an income for yourself.

Both through ads and through selling your own products or other people's products.

 Let's talk about some of the ways that they're different.

Well long story short YouTube is a little bit less competitive then blogging.
But it doesn't mean that YouTube is  not competitive it definitely is very competitive but it's less competitive than blogging.