DigiSkills Creative Writing Course Teachers /Instructors Introduction

Amena Aly Kamaal & Aisha Fazl-ur-Rehman.

These two Instructors are teaching DigiSkills Creative Writing Course.

Amena Aly Kamaal

Education - Masters in Communication from California State University, Fullerton USA.

MA English Literature

Masters in Education  from Graduated from Clark University USA

She has a good background in writing and possesses good experience in the industry. She worked with Development, Public & Corporate Sectors with more than 25 years of working experience.
World Top Companies whom she worked with.
  1.  United Nations
  2. World-Bank
She started as a School Teacher and later she moved to Development Sectors.

Reason to Choose Creative Writing

According to  Amina Ali Kamal, reading was her hobby and it became a part of her daily job.
When peoples make reading their habit, at one stage they start thinking to write as well.

 Writing is everywhere in our daily routine she says. When you are at the job you have to write, if yu are at home you need to write Grossery lists, etc.

 "Writing will never end for you ."
With the passage of the time she was enjoying her writing and wrote a lot in the past few years. Which include Proposals, Media related stuff Creating content for teachers' training programs, etc. And wrote for newspapers.

She releases a number of her own books about creative writing.

Aisha Fazl-ur-Rehman.

She has also a strong background in writing. She was trained by her Father in his teenage.
And at the age of  12 her first Poetry was published in Muslim Newspaper.

She wrote for- 
  1. The Dawn
  2. Express Tribune
  3. Pulse Global
  4. Arthan Foundation (India)
What you will learn after DigiSkills Creative Writing Course?
 You will learn
  1. Reports Writing
  2. Resume Writing
  3. BlogsWebsite Contents
  4. Proposal Writing
  5. Copywriting
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DigiSkills Creative Writing Course Teachers Introduction